Sunday, April 8, 2012

how to get sss id card online? w/ answer

Applying for and getting an SSS ID can be easy and at the same time very tiring and frustrating. Some people get lucky why applying for an SSS ID while others are not.

Here’s a short tips on how to apply for and get an SSS ID:

1. Download the E-6 form from the SSS website. Click on Forms at the left navigation pane. Then select E-6 from the list. Or click here for the direct link: E6 Form. Print then fill up the information needed.

2. Click on Employment History at the left panel. You will be shown a list of all your employers, past and present. Copy the employer number of your company into the form.

3. Click SSS ID Clearance at the left panel. If the note says “Member Qualified for an SSS ID Card”, then you are cleared and eligible to apply for the ID. Print this page. Just click the File menu of the browser, then Print.

4. Go to the SSS office. Tell the guard you already have an SSS number, the E-6 form and the ID Clearance and that you are applying for the ID. He should give you a priority for your picture to be taken.

5. Get in line at the SSS ID section and get your picture taken. Present two IDs from the list stated at the 2nd page of the E-6 form. If you have your company ID and an ATM card with your complete name, then you should be fine.

6. You’re done. Just wait for the SSS ID to be mailed at your home or office address. Or you can get the SSS ID at the SSS Main Office.